About Us

SoyHood is a social enterprise and streetwear brand that focuses on reclaiming what it looks like to grow up in our hoods and our daily struggles. We are dedicated to providing our Black and Brown youth with tools to understand the importance of their individual stories and the impact they have in this world. We focus on storytelling, youth development, holistic wellness, and any creative opportunities that will benefit and preserve our community. 

We plants the seeds for youth to build strong foundations. We understand that our roots provide the tools to share their stories. We grow to create mass movements and preserve culture through their stories.

We live through our books to uplift the stories of our ancestors. Our foundation is to preserve culture and create branches of knowledge for years to come.

 We get our energy from the sunlight because we won't let our traumas keep us in the dark. We are here to experience joy and fight against oppressive systems.

 We hope you know that no one in this world can tell your story -- no one but you.